Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disposable E Cigarette Is The New Smoking Alternative

Disposable e cigs are the trend these days. They are the same as electronic cigarettes, e cigs, or personal vaporizers. These have been in the market for several years already. Many famous personalities use e cigs, and these are even shown on TV shows such as talkshows. 

These are called disposable because these are reusable unlike the traditional cigarettes. This is just one difference about e cigs, and there are more genius works involved in the making of these. 

Basically, disposable e cigs have four different parts. These are discussed below:

1. Cartridge

This is the topmost part of the e cigs. It is the part that touches the mouth. In traditional cigarettes, this part does not contain tobacco but acts as filter of the smoke, and protection of the lips from burning. What makes the cartridge special in e cigs is that it contains the liquid that is heated in order to transform into vapor. The liquid can either contains nicotine or no nicotine at all. These options are produced in order to cater the two choices of smokers.

Interestingly, the liquid can have different flavors. The flavors can belong to the original flavors used in traditional cigarettes such as tobacco, and menthol. But there are exciting flavors to choose from such as the fruity flavors. These fruity flavors are advantageous for those who work in an office, in travel, in a party, in a meeting and many other occasions because they leave a pleasant smell. So it is not obvious if one smokes or not.

2. Atomizer. 

This is directly connected to the cartridge. This acts as the heater of the liquid. Some e cigs have combined cartridge and atomizer and this is called as cartomizer. The reason for this combination is just for convenience. 

3. Battery

This is the longest part of disposable e cigs. It is the source of electricity that runs the atomizer. The quality of batteries differs too. There are batteries that can last for longer hours. Sizes and weights of batteries are other differences. But manufacturers try to make the batteries not so heavy so that the e cigs are comfortable to hold just like the traditional cigarettes.

The quality of the batteries can also affect pricing. But most prefer those batteries that can really last long. Charging them is a hassle. It can disrupt the joy of smoking.  Especially on travel, low quality batteries are not that helpful. 

Batteries can be charged on the wall or in a computer. There are various chargers offered by manufacturers together in the kit.

4. LED

Disposable e cigs are made to mimic the traditional cigarettes through putting a light at the end. The light can have different colors depending on your choice. This light also signals that e cigs are in used. 

Disposable e cigs at a distance cannot really be suspected as artificial cigarettes. Size, design, shape, and color are carefully matched to the traditional cigarettes. Even the vapor looks closely similar to the smoke released by traditional cigarettes.  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Top 10 Summer Get Away Plan

One of the most awaited season of the year is summer. Well, why not? This is a perfect time to stay on the beach and have some fun under the heat of the sun together with your family and love ones. We have been stressed to all the office works and paper works and field works on the past seasons; and it is time to pamper ourselves during summer. 

The following are the top 10 summer get-away plan everybody will surely love to experience: 

1.    Chill and relax on the beach- nothing’s more exciting than spending your summer at the beach with your favorite bikinis and sunglasses on. You can tan yourself under the heat of the sun while you’re being served with shakes as you see the spectacular sceneries on the coastline. One hot tip: make sure you’re with your partner so you’ll be safe this summer on the beach. 

2.    Have a reservation at the 5-star hotel- you can also stay at the hotel and pamper yourself with spas and therapy to calm your nerves. Hotels have different amenities such as the pool, the billiard hall, etc. that you can surely enjoy even without travelling far away from your place. 

3.    Book a plane ticket and tour at the tropics—there has been an exodus of tourist in to the tropics every summer season. On the different countries on the tropics, at least you can enjoy their exotic foods and drinks, you can explore their famous tourist spots and you can also treat yourself with a vacation even for a week. 

4.    Renovate your house- if you don’t have any plans than to stay at your home, then you can renovate your house and bring color unto it to enjoy your summer even once in a lifetime. You can paint with it bright colors, you can put cool furniture unto it and you can sort your wardrobe and donate your old stuffs to the needy. 

5.    Organize a house party- organizing a house party is a lot more exciting especially when it’s summer time. Hawaiian party is much better and you should prepare food and drinks for everybody. 

6.    Visit the Amusement Park- this summer, why not visit the Disney and enjoy the rides and other facilities. You can at least have some fun and reminisce some childhood memories in amusement parks. 

7.   Watch a concert- concerts are a lot more exciting this summer. Reserve a ticket at the ticket stores near you, grab some snack and join the dance moves and screams of the fans of the different artists on a live concert. 

8.   Do some hiking- Some people may be interested to spend their summer hiking on the mountains and see the beautiful things on the Earth.  When you’re at the top of the mountains, you’ll see everything and you’ll now have a positive outlook in your life. 

9.    Fly at the horizon- early in the morning, you can pay some cash and ride at gliders and see the sunrise. You’ll feel better after your summer ride. 

10.  Dare to try new rides-zip lines, rappel and bungee jumping are now new summer must-try. Be sure to take pictures of you and your friend so you’ll have unforgettable summer get-away in your lifetime.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Facts & Methods To Help You Quit Cigarette

Several countries and states have banned smoking in public areas. Several companies have made their work environment to be free of smoke and punish employees who choose to smoke in the workplace. People who smoke are separated from the crowd and the usual smoking time in the smoke place has reduced to the minimum just for them to get a Nicotine fix.

In some cities, smoking has negatively perceived as a drug addiction. Because most smokers have learned about the benefits of stop smoking, many people have started trying to find ways to stop smoking. It's not easy but it's possible to quit.

Tobacco addiction consists of three components:

1. Smoking for relaxation and pleasure is about 45 percent of why people continue to smoke.

2. Another reason why people continue to smoke is a connection between smoking and the unconscious activities set in their mind or just pure boredom. When people find themselves in these situations, they yearn for a cigarette. An example of this is when a person strongly associated with drinking coffee loves  to smoke a cigarette. Whenever they get another cup of coffee, they crave for a cigarette. It is estimated about 45 per cent of smokers do this.

3. The last reason that people continue to smoke is that they become physically addicted to nicotine. This represents about 10% of normal. When people smoke, the nicotine stays in the body and they will need more when the body requires it.

A number of methods have been developed to help people find ways to stop smoking. The least expensive way to quit smoking, which is paid for by most insurance policies, is the nicotine patch.   
Easy to apply, each patch is worn for 24 hours and can be secreted in the clothes of the person. The problem with these patches, however, is that patches nicotine replacement are not very beneficial. Because these products only address the physical addiction, which implies that 10% of the usual, only seven percent of people who use this method will succeed.

Almost the same degree of effectiveness is a feature of the nicotine gum or lozenges. Less than ten percent of people who use these products will have the success of these approaches to stop smoking for at least six months. In addition, these elements can have side effects. substances that contain Nicotine, often irritate the gums of the person, but also the lips, and many people experience skin irritation under the patch. Remember, these products only treat the physical addiction, which includes only about 10% of normal.

Another alternative is the development of counseling and smoking cessation programs. These classes include cognitive therapy as well as information about the effects of tobacco products. These strategies are three times as beneficial as treatments nicotine replacement, almost a quarter of smokers will quit for at least six months.A lot of smokers have tried programs laser treatment to help stop smoking. This treatment is sometimes paid by insurance, even if it is new. However, experimental tests, which is required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), indicate that these treatments are no more effective than placebo. (Placebo effect that occurs when a person believes they are receiving therapy, but in reality are not.)

The other ways of quitting seems to be a little more successful than the previous strategies. In one study, plans tested to help smokers quit by removing the "buzz" the rush of nicotine. This strategy in the early stages of testing services, for the moment seems to be useful for 15% of patients who are tested there.

Hypnosis is another way to help people quit smoking. Hypnosis is designed to help the subconscious mind instantly replace other behaviors to provide comfort and peace, as opposed to nicotine addiction. It is also used to delete or "extinguish" conditioned responses such as described association between smoking and behavior in the example above, if the smoker has no desire to smoke in places where previously the trigger.

It seems that male clients have a higher success rate with hypnosis stop smoking than women. One of the benefits of self-hypnosis, stop smoking, however, is that, unlike individuals use nicotine replacement as strategies to stop smoking, there is no irritating side effects.

Another positive aspect of hypnotherapy is that it treats the game nine tenths of the problem is psychological, unlike other strategies that address only the component of 10% of the problem is physical. Therefore, hypnosis results in a success rate much greater than the above approaches to stop smoking treatments. The usual methods of hypnosis can provide a probability of 35 per cent success, while Ericksonian hypnotherapy can offer a 50% or higher success rate.

Abstract: Most current smoking cessation attempt to use products like nicotine replacement ways to quit smoking. Some programs, such as smoking cessation and advice, approaches trying to help the spirit find ways to stop smoking.

While hypnosis is much more efficient than other approaches, mainly with male clients, it is not the most useful way to quit smoking. NLP, which focuses on the mental aspects of the smoking habit, actually helps people change their thought processes so that they are able to quit more successfully.Given that nine-tenths of the dependence of the individual smoking is psychological, these methods are much more effective than simply nicotine replacement and discuss the component of 10% is physical dependence.

A new alternative but way more effective than others is the electronic cigarette. It also has Nicotine and doesn't produce smoke at all. It only produces vapor like smoke and no tar nor carbon monoxide. There are many great benefits about e cigarettes that most people don't know. 

You can check out more reviews and information about the e cigarettes at http://greencigarettes.net.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thoughtfull Moment

Whenever you feel upset,
Remember it might not be some else
That makes you upset,
It's probably your own thoughts about them
That makes you angry at them.

Whatever the thoughts are making you miserable,
All in all, it is still thoughts
You have the power to change it...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marine Phytoplankton - Super Nutrition From The Sea

According to NASA, phytoplankton makes up to about 1/4 of vegetation on land and in the sea, and provides almost 90% of oxygen in for the earth. It is the simplest form of life on earth, and as many scientists researches shown, phytoplankton is the source of life. Without phytoplankton, we can't breathe.

The future of nutrition is in the ocean. As we are stepping into the space age and stepping into the future of life on earth, this particular area of research - the oceanic phytoplanton - has already got plenty of discovery.

The marine phytoplankton is the basic life forms that are in the ocean which is now been shown improving to form our atmosphere. There are even the new phytoplankton power products sold wildly worldwide.

The marine phytoplankton is becoming a future of nutrition of human consumption. It is considered to be healthier than fish oil and a solution for cancer diseases. The cure of cancer still haven't proven by scientist on a large scale yet, but it is still an amazing discovery.

This man accidentally found his lungs' tumors disappear after eating phytoplankton

These microorganisms have all different forms of properties and chemistries but there are few that have exceptional qualities that are appropriated for human nutrition. Nana Coreopsis is one of those groupings of very unique micro algae that is going to have a future for human consumption.

This species of phytoplankton contains lots of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which can also be found in fish oil. This particular substance is very important for neurological health. It is a long chain of Omega 3s which is different from the short chained ALA type of Omega 3s. These long chain of Omega 3s have the ability of dealing with more and more problems with neurological issues in the brain. They also help solving more pollution problems in the ocean which also helps improve the quality of some fish oil products.

According to new science's discovery, this new form of nutrition is the ideal food for the development of children's neurological system. It is also a great source of protein for muscle growth as well.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Parent's Garden

Recently, my parents decided to grow organic plants in the garden to follow the eating healthy trend. It's all good though. Fresh vegetables, free of chemicals, no chemical fertilizer, only organic all the way. We have 2 small ponds in our land which are connected to the big lake outside so we use that as a watering source for the plants. We also have a small concrete pond for goldfish which is also a great source for high nitrogen water from the fish waste. The plants love it.

My mom has been sick for about 4 years because of many different with her kidney, digestive system, and spinal senescence. Due to he weird method of treatment called Oshawa, she can only eat brown rice, sesame seeds, small organic vegetables and very little meat. This method is pretty effective, but the hard part is giving up all the "good" foods you love and crave. It can be a torture.

This is our spicy hot pepper plant that grows by itself. I guess some seeds leftover from the dish washing machine have found the way to the backyard soil. It grows pretty well and we don't need to buy any peppers from the market anymore.

These hot chilli Asian peppers are growing well. We all love spicy food so this is just great stuff. Spicy peppers are good for people with arthritis. It increase the Substance P level in your blood which bathes the joint. It also help reduce headache and sinus symptoms as well. For me, it doesn't matter much about the effectiveness, I just love to have hot chilli peppers in my meal. It enhanced my taste buds for the foods.

We have our first 5 organic chicken, 2 turkeys, and 7 ducks in our garden too. This one is hatching for 12 of the eggs. Those are not actually her eggs. The real mother was dead because she got bitten to death by my dog "Bino" in one sunset when she was wondering outside the chicken house. I'm sure Bino was just playing around with her because that's how he always does. But the chicken is too week and small for him.

Amazingly, this other hen started to hatch the other one eggs. We was concerning that nobody is going to hatch these eggs since the mother was dead, but then one day we saw her in one of these baskets. If she does a good job, we are going to get the first generation of babies in our family. I'm excited.

Still, I'm planning to help out my brother building a better hatching nest for them though. We have many more chicken waiting to lay eggs and hatch as well. I saw them mating the other day.

My youngest brother is building a better, bigger, and more stable hatching place for the chicken using old woods laying around the house. My parents want to save everything! I still think it's too big though, but we also want them to have more room to move around. As the eggs hatch, baby chicks will also have more rooms to move around too.

We just build the duck house for our ducks last week. They started to lay eggs now so everything went so well. We have 3 Muscovy ducks and 4 other ducks. One female Muscovy lays 1 egg a day, it's been 3 days now.

Everything is still a new experience for us and we all love it. Seeing new lives are being born in our own backyard and enjoying them grow and grow everyday is a pleasure. These are our main supply of healthy organic food as well. We are planning to get some pigs and wild boars as well.

Electronic Cigarettes Can Still Cause Lung Diseases

Electronic cigarettes, the new invention of the 21st century, thought to be the best alternative and solution for smokers to quit smoking and stay healthy. However, a recent study shows that this new vapor smokless cigs can still cause lung diseases.

The study was done on 24 smokers who don't have any serious lung diseases. These people are long-term smokers.

The test was carried using electronic cigarettes (brand was not disclosed) in a short period of time. 11 people in the test was healthy, while the other 13 experience some type of lung clogging, asthma, and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), also known as chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD).

On September 2nd, scientists from Athens University, Greece reported the results to the WHO in Vienna. COPD is a life-threatening disease which interferes with normal breathing.

"More than 3 million people died of COPD in 2005, which is equal to 5% of all deaths globally that year" - World Health Organization 

This study shows how dangerous an electronic can be for human health. "The instant reaction of the respiratory system prove that the e cigs are more harmful than good". - Doctor Christina Gratziou said.
On the other hand, some debates addressed that the study wasn't broad enough to make any claims. Besides, there are no disclose on the actually e cigarette product that was used in the research. Of course this study still stir up many aspects of smokers' life, but the report has to be more straightforward and should be execute on a larger scale.

The specialists are still on their way to test and understand more about long-term affects of the electronic cigarettes on smokers.

Actually, the e cigarette is a device that provides nicotine to the lungs through vapor, not smoke. It doesn't have to go through the same lighting and firing process, but nicotine is still extract from real tobacco plants.

Again, there are two sides of the debates. But still, the reports and facts that was given out by both sides are still in the mist and not completely accurate. The benefits and harms are still on the line waiting for real concrete evidence.

Some think that politics and money power are involving with the e cigarette sales. Powerful cigarette companies doesn't want the e cigs to be legalized and thus will reduce their profits. Because smokeless cigarette companies provide hopes for people who desperately need some changes, regular cigarette companies have to worry. My opinion is that if you are going to ban one, then ban both. If one is legalized, then legalize the other as well.

Source: http://greencigarettes.net

Sunday, January 20, 2013

4.2 Million USD Batman Mobile Sold

On Jan 19th, 2013, a Batmobile was sold for almost 4.2 million USD at a Barret-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

If you don't know, this Batmobile originally appeared in the Batman TV series back then, from 1966 to 1968. This model is the mother of all Batmobile because it was the first bat appear on film.

This car is great for any serious collector all around the world. It is still in awesome condition after those years. The awesome design makes this Bat an one of a kind treasure for collectors. After taxes, the car cost about 4.65 million US dollars, almost 3 times more expensive than the Bugatti Vernon (fastest car in the world).

Designed and manufactured by engineer George Barris right after the ABC announcement of the movie in 1965, this Bat has given the film a new look and attracted viewers for its unique and mystic features. The whole body resemblances the black bat, the back end has features similar to a bat wing as well.

The car was made from the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car body which was bought for merely 1 dollar at that time. Barris design and work on this fast. Only after 15 days of hard work, the first Batmobile in history was born. The estimated cost for this Bat is about 15,000 dollars. As an appreciation for George good work, after the film was finished, the Batmobile stayed with him ever since.

The convertible roof was designed with high-tech features such as "bat-laser" machine, radar, and a computerized control system. If you've seen the original film, there are also many cool features such as laser gun, inflatable tires. However, these features only available for the real Batman in the movie.

The car was sold to a new buyer also from Arizona, Rick Champagne, a successful 56 years old general manager of a service company. Now, he definitely has a new place to celebrate his "Champagne" successful business.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cruise Around Manila With The "Jeepney"

As a "pimped up" version of the American army Jeep left back in the wars, Jeepney has become the main source of transportation in the Philippines.

If Thailand has the Tuk Tuk, in Manilla, there are Jeepneys. Like no where else in the world, Jeepneys are created by the Filipinos. The motors are taken from the original Jeep while the body was added to make it look longer with 2 rows of seats facing each other. This is like a taxi in the Philippines.

Each Jeepney can carry 8-10 people around the city. The inside of each is almost the same, but the outside is the wild imagination of the drivers or jeepney's owners. Each one is pretty unique with bright, colorful paintings and logos.

The Jeepneys run the street of Manila. It replace taxi and take people to desirable places whenever, wherever, even in small streets as well.

There are no Jeepney in Makati though, where high buildings, luxury apartments, big shopping malls and high amounts of taxi are located. Jeepney has become a symbol of Manila, and Philippines, like the Yellow Cab in New York city.

There's nothing more exciting than sitting in these Jeepneys and discover Manila on a tour around this beautiful modern city.

The driver takes you around through the streets while taking the fees at the same time. Even when there are many people on the ride talking loudly, he still understand and hear your request while taking you to the right place you want to be. You tell the driver where you want to go and he will tell you the price. He do both, driving and collecting money at the same time. Seems like a dangerous practice for typical Westerners.

You will experience a very cool vibe and meet friendly people in Manila. There is no Jeepney's stop like bus stop. You will always find your ride around the nearest corner where they drop customers. Like any community vehicle, you will need to carry some changes as the transaction will happen rather quickly to keep everyone on time.

Make sure you will hang tight while on these Jeepneys as the driver go fast, and break fast. Don't be scare, it just like normal safety procedures on a bus. But it is much better and cooler than a bus.

Colorful features is the main attraction of the Jeepneys. Different drivers have their own imagination and that makes the Jeepney the symbol of Manila. You can almost find these type of transportation anywhere in Manila, even in the gift shops.