Sunday, April 21, 2013

Top 10 Summer Get Away Plan

One of the most awaited season of the year is summer. Well, why not? This is a perfect time to stay on the beach and have some fun under the heat of the sun together with your family and love ones. We have been stressed to all the office works and paper works and field works on the past seasons; and it is time to pamper ourselves during summer. 

The following are the top 10 summer get-away plan everybody will surely love to experience: 

1.    Chill and relax on the beach- nothing’s more exciting than spending your summer at the beach with your favorite bikinis and sunglasses on. You can tan yourself under the heat of the sun while you’re being served with shakes as you see the spectacular sceneries on the coastline. One hot tip: make sure you’re with your partner so you’ll be safe this summer on the beach. 

2.    Have a reservation at the 5-star hotel- you can also stay at the hotel and pamper yourself with spas and therapy to calm your nerves. Hotels have different amenities such as the pool, the billiard hall, etc. that you can surely enjoy even without travelling far away from your place. 

3.    Book a plane ticket and tour at the tropics—there has been an exodus of tourist in to the tropics every summer season. On the different countries on the tropics, at least you can enjoy their exotic foods and drinks, you can explore their famous tourist spots and you can also treat yourself with a vacation even for a week. 

4.    Renovate your house- if you don’t have any plans than to stay at your home, then you can renovate your house and bring color unto it to enjoy your summer even once in a lifetime. You can paint with it bright colors, you can put cool furniture unto it and you can sort your wardrobe and donate your old stuffs to the needy. 

5.    Organize a house party- organizing a house party is a lot more exciting especially when it’s summer time. Hawaiian party is much better and you should prepare food and drinks for everybody. 

6.    Visit the Amusement Park- this summer, why not visit the Disney and enjoy the rides and other facilities. You can at least have some fun and reminisce some childhood memories in amusement parks. 

7.   Watch a concert- concerts are a lot more exciting this summer. Reserve a ticket at the ticket stores near you, grab some snack and join the dance moves and screams of the fans of the different artists on a live concert. 

8.   Do some hiking- Some people may be interested to spend their summer hiking on the mountains and see the beautiful things on the Earth.  When you’re at the top of the mountains, you’ll see everything and you’ll now have a positive outlook in your life. 

9.    Fly at the horizon- early in the morning, you can pay some cash and ride at gliders and see the sunrise. You’ll feel better after your summer ride. 

10.  Dare to try new rides-zip lines, rappel and bungee jumping are now new summer must-try. Be sure to take pictures of you and your friend so you’ll have unforgettable summer get-away in your lifetime.