Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disposable E Cigarette Is The New Smoking Alternative

Disposable e cigs are the trend these days. They are the same as electronic cigarettes, e cigs, or personal vaporizers. These have been in the market for several years already. Many famous personalities use e cigs, and these are even shown on TV shows such as talkshows. 

These are called disposable because these are reusable unlike the traditional cigarettes. This is just one difference about e cigs, and there are more genius works involved in the making of these. 

Basically, disposable e cigs have four different parts. These are discussed below:

1. Cartridge

This is the topmost part of the e cigs. It is the part that touches the mouth. In traditional cigarettes, this part does not contain tobacco but acts as filter of the smoke, and protection of the lips from burning. What makes the cartridge special in e cigs is that it contains the liquid that is heated in order to transform into vapor. The liquid can either contains nicotine or no nicotine at all. These options are produced in order to cater the two choices of smokers.

Interestingly, the liquid can have different flavors. The flavors can belong to the original flavors used in traditional cigarettes such as tobacco, and menthol. But there are exciting flavors to choose from such as the fruity flavors. These fruity flavors are advantageous for those who work in an office, in travel, in a party, in a meeting and many other occasions because they leave a pleasant smell. So it is not obvious if one smokes or not.

2. Atomizer. 

This is directly connected to the cartridge. This acts as the heater of the liquid. Some e cigs have combined cartridge and atomizer and this is called as cartomizer. The reason for this combination is just for convenience. 

3. Battery

This is the longest part of disposable e cigs. It is the source of electricity that runs the atomizer. The quality of batteries differs too. There are batteries that can last for longer hours. Sizes and weights of batteries are other differences. But manufacturers try to make the batteries not so heavy so that the e cigs are comfortable to hold just like the traditional cigarettes.

The quality of the batteries can also affect pricing. But most prefer those batteries that can really last long. Charging them is a hassle. It can disrupt the joy of smoking.  Especially on travel, low quality batteries are not that helpful. 

Batteries can be charged on the wall or in a computer. There are various chargers offered by manufacturers together in the kit.

4. LED

Disposable e cigs are made to mimic the traditional cigarettes through putting a light at the end. The light can have different colors depending on your choice. This light also signals that e cigs are in used. 

Disposable e cigs at a distance cannot really be suspected as artificial cigarettes. Size, design, shape, and color are carefully matched to the traditional cigarettes. Even the vapor looks closely similar to the smoke released by traditional cigarettes.