Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Parent's Garden

Recently, my parents decided to grow organic plants in the garden to follow the eating healthy trend. It's all good though. Fresh vegetables, free of chemicals, no chemical fertilizer, only organic all the way. We have 2 small ponds in our land which are connected to the big lake outside so we use that as a watering source for the plants. We also have a small concrete pond for goldfish which is also a great source for high nitrogen water from the fish waste. The plants love it.

My mom has been sick for about 4 years because of many different with her kidney, digestive system, and spinal senescence. Due to he weird method of treatment called Oshawa, she can only eat brown rice, sesame seeds, small organic vegetables and very little meat. This method is pretty effective, but the hard part is giving up all the "good" foods you love and crave. It can be a torture.

This is our spicy hot pepper plant that grows by itself. I guess some seeds leftover from the dish washing machine have found the way to the backyard soil. It grows pretty well and we don't need to buy any peppers from the market anymore.

These hot chilli Asian peppers are growing well. We all love spicy food so this is just great stuff. Spicy peppers are good for people with arthritis. It increase the Substance P level in your blood which bathes the joint. It also help reduce headache and sinus symptoms as well. For me, it doesn't matter much about the effectiveness, I just love to have hot chilli peppers in my meal. It enhanced my taste buds for the foods.

We have our first 5 organic chicken, 2 turkeys, and 7 ducks in our garden too. This one is hatching for 12 of the eggs. Those are not actually her eggs. The real mother was dead because she got bitten to death by my dog "Bino" in one sunset when she was wondering outside the chicken house. I'm sure Bino was just playing around with her because that's how he always does. But the chicken is too week and small for him.

Amazingly, this other hen started to hatch the other one eggs. We was concerning that nobody is going to hatch these eggs since the mother was dead, but then one day we saw her in one of these baskets. If she does a good job, we are going to get the first generation of babies in our family. I'm excited.

Still, I'm planning to help out my brother building a better hatching nest for them though. We have many more chicken waiting to lay eggs and hatch as well. I saw them mating the other day.

My youngest brother is building a better, bigger, and more stable hatching place for the chicken using old woods laying around the house. My parents want to save everything! I still think it's too big though, but we also want them to have more room to move around. As the eggs hatch, baby chicks will also have more rooms to move around too.

We just build the duck house for our ducks last week. They started to lay eggs now so everything went so well. We have 3 Muscovy ducks and 4 other ducks. One female Muscovy lays 1 egg a day, it's been 3 days now.

Everything is still a new experience for us and we all love it. Seeing new lives are being born in our own backyard and enjoying them grow and grow everyday is a pleasure. These are our main supply of healthy organic food as well. We are planning to get some pigs and wild boars as well.

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