Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marine Phytoplankton - Super Nutrition From The Sea

According to NASA, phytoplankton makes up to about 1/4 of vegetation on land and in the sea, and provides almost 90% of oxygen in for the earth. It is the simplest form of life on earth, and as many scientists researches shown, phytoplankton is the source of life. Without phytoplankton, we can't breathe.

The future of nutrition is in the ocean. As we are stepping into the space age and stepping into the future of life on earth, this particular area of research - the oceanic phytoplanton - has already got plenty of discovery.

The marine phytoplankton is the basic life forms that are in the ocean which is now been shown improving to form our atmosphere. There are even the new phytoplankton power products sold wildly worldwide.

The marine phytoplankton is becoming a future of nutrition of human consumption. It is considered to be healthier than fish oil and a solution for cancer diseases. The cure of cancer still haven't proven by scientist on a large scale yet, but it is still an amazing discovery.

This man accidentally found his lungs' tumors disappear after eating phytoplankton

These microorganisms have all different forms of properties and chemistries but there are few that have exceptional qualities that are appropriated for human nutrition. Nana Coreopsis is one of those groupings of very unique micro algae that is going to have a future for human consumption.

This species of phytoplankton contains lots of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which can also be found in fish oil. This particular substance is very important for neurological health. It is a long chain of Omega 3s which is different from the short chained ALA type of Omega 3s. These long chain of Omega 3s have the ability of dealing with more and more problems with neurological issues in the brain. They also help solving more pollution problems in the ocean which also helps improve the quality of some fish oil products.

According to new science's discovery, this new form of nutrition is the ideal food for the development of children's neurological system. It is also a great source of protein for muscle growth as well.

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